I Divorced Life- ‘Petting Zoo’

Published on 17 December 2020 at 19:29 

Bringing together a range of surprisingly complementary genres and sounds, I Divorced Life brings us an album so forward thinking it’s almost a blast from the past with ‘Petting Zoo’. Look I know how it sounds, nonsensical gibberish at best, but if you listen or have listened I hope you can understand the reasoning behind the phrase. I would attempt to describe it in words however, they’re failing me right now, a new sensation I must admit and one that truly shows that this album is a winner. After all very few artists have ever left me speechless!

Photo ©Katrin Köhler – @wimpernradio

So let’s take a closer look at this gothic masterpiece, one which unlike the majority of music carries its message more through the instruments than the lyrics. I mean don’t get me wrong the lyrics and vocals on this are amazing to say the least but, these instruments just manage to infect every cell and control your emotions along side. Every time I stick on ‘Why I Drive Sober’ my heart beat will follow the beat of it naturally, amazing work from an artist I had previously, and unfortunately, hadn’t listened to before. The combination and variety of various instruments and sounds in this album are truly staggering with each one somehow fitting perfectly into place. 

Confession time, I don’t usually go for this particular style when I’m listening to music throughout the day, however I Divorced Life truly have opened my minds eye to the possibilities, stunning vocals with the perfect amount of electronic help for each and every track that take you back to a time you weren’t alive for (well I wasn’t), the 80’s and 90’s with a very heavy dance feel being presented throughout and yet somehow it could also be played at a rave and he perfectly at home, or even just for easy listening. This album truly has everything you need for any situation in my personal opinion. 

Overall if I had to review this album, and I do, I’d say it’s an amazingly thought out piece of art made by a small, yet I imagine a quickly growing, star. https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/3lp0rwmYYahaXv9N2Ziv0B

Words: Sam Cooke

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