Jamie Webster – ‘We Get By’

Published on 24 August 2020

Jamie Webster has released his highly anticipated and long awaited debut album

Having built up a loyal fan base not just in his hometown of Liverpool but all over the world it was inevitable Jamie would release a debut album soon and it definitely lives up to the hype. 

The fan favourite tracks ‘This Place’ and ‘Weekend In Paradise’ bring a sense of joy and purpose to the album with catchy choruses and witty observations about working class life and being proud of where you come from. 

In contrast, slower acoustic tracks like ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and ‘Out on the Street’ are protest songs; talking about issues in the world today. ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ seems like an update on a 60s Bob Dylan protest song where Jamie calls for change in the world, away from all of the lies and “the crooked tories” ‘Out on the Street’ discusses the problem of homelessness within the UK and shows Jamie as a mature songwriter whose not scared to talk  about issues that are relevant and occurring not only on his door step but further afield. 

‘We Get By’ had a lot of hype, before its release and I can safely say it’s lived up it. It’s an album that will please a lot of Jamie’s fans with big anthemic songs that he’s become known for, as well as brilliant observational commentary about working class life. I’m sure Jamie will attract many new fans from this record and the fans he already has definitely won’t be disappointed.  It’s only good things for Jamie from now on. https://open.spotify.com/album/7cCzXZWVaMnSqZtWFfthJN?si=ln8bOo3cQomf8cmEVhda1g

Words: Jack Roden

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