Kings of Leon – When You See Yourself

The Nashville rockers are back with their eight studio album ‘When You see Yourself’, five years after their last release ‘Walls’, which of course divided not only Kings Of Leon fans, but music fans in general. 

When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away – 7/10

The opening track enters with a slow guitar with a haunting bassline, with distant backing vocals. Has to be said, it’s a beautiful song with a deep meaning. I feel the song has been built around the lyrics ‘One more night, would you stay here’ which sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The Bandit – 7/10

The comeback and a standard Kings Of Leon rock song. Caleb’s vocals are paticularly strong, quite reminiscent of the old Kings Of Leon. A perfect choice for a comeback single. I’d personally love to hear this live as I do think it’ll be a fan favourite.

100,000 People – 6/10

This was released with ‘The Bandit’. With this song it takes a different turn, not the usual way you’d think a Kings Of Leon song would go. Lyically it’s very good. I’ll probably say this throughout the rest of this review, but Caleb’s vocals are great.

Stormy Weather – 8/10

Caleb comes straight in with his beautiful vocals, heavy on the bass again. Got a great beat, one I think will also be a fan favourite. Got a sing-a-long feel to it. One of those songs that makes you go into deep thought. 

A Wave – 7/10

“A wave crashed down on me” is the perfect way to start this piano ballad, and it is one at that. Feel Caleb can get the emotion and feel perfect with his vocals. Lovely bit of instrumental in this one also.

Golden Restless Age – 6/10

Over half way through the album, and after ‘A Wave’ It picks up again. Guitars are big on this one. Very strong lyrics, a lovely little rock song. 

Time In Disguise – 8/10

Sublime! A charasmatic tune, every song has told a story so far. it continues even more so. Nathan Followill’s drumming can’t be matched. Another one that’ll be great live. Poetic guitar solo too. 

Supermarket – 7/10

If I had to describe this song in one word, it’ll be ‘funky’. The bass, drums, everything about it makes you want to tap your foot and have a dance. Just really is a gorgeous song. Haunting vocals again.

Claire & Eddie – 8/10

We’ve had to wait till 9 tracks in to hear an acoustic guitar, which is perfictually backed up by a pretty sherenading electric guitar. Lovely use of backing vocals. Excellent drumming has to be noted. 

Echoing – 9/10

I was bouncing! To be completely honest, it could be one of the stronger tracks of the album. Feels like old school Kings Of Leon. I love the keyboard work also. 

Fairytale – 8/10

Another acoustic number. This one finishes the album. But again, it’s spellbinding. Like a ‘Fairytale’. It did give me goosebumps. Vocals very good again. A great ending to an overall very strong album.

The Followill’s have made a heartfelt record here, songs to make you get up and have a dance, songs to make you want to sing your heart out, and songs to make you want to sit down and think. I think the long wait between the previous effort did the band good, because they came back stronger and hungrier. Be great to see them tour this album to see how it has been received as a fan base. As a whole, this album gets a strong 8.5/10. Not their best work, but defiently one of their strongest in previous years.

Words: Harry Collis

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