Pink Salmon – Golden Boy

Release Date – 10th February 2021

Words: Kim Holder

‘Golden Boy’ is a new release for Pink Salmon, featuring Afternoon Crush. It is a song that is upbeat, and I personally get an 80’s pop vibe from it. It talks about a boy and describes him as “golden”. This term is commonly known to describe a boy that is seen as perfect and can do no wrong.

“Every night I will adore you my golden boy” and “Hold me tight and let me call you my golden boy” are lyrics from the song. The first lyrics reiterate the love that they have for the boy and that it’ll carry on forever. The second lyric suggests that they are craving the love back from the ‘Golden Boy’ and want for the boy to feel as special as they think that he is.

I think that this track is a great pop track and is quite upbeat. I love the guitar sounds in the backing track as this gives the song that slight indie vibe, however, it also reminds me of 80’s pop songs. Tom’s vocals are a joy to listen to on this track and Afternoon crush’s vocals are the great finishing touch.

Overall, I recommend this track to anyone, especially if you’re into 80’s pop music or just indie-pop in general. I believe that Pink Salmon will gain a larger following from this track being released as this is a tune that many people can get behind. So go and give this track a listen.

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