POND3RR – Black Onyx

Release Date – 28th January 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

Coming with the flow of the late Lip Peep black onyx is truly a masterpiece for any point in a career never mind 0 listeners! POND3RR brings us a masterclass in beat appreciation, meaning he has tailored his voice perfectly for this track to the point where I couldn’t picture anyone else’s voice in the place of his which is an achievement in itself. 

Let’s talk about that beat a little more, one that slowly rises at the start giving you hope of a nice uplifting track and deceives you to the message provided, every note fitting perfectly with the rest of the track to the point it seems rather irrelevant to talk about. It’s one of those rare occasions in life where everything just fits, nice and snug leaving no room for improvement. 

I know that’s a big claim but what else can I say, if you’ve heard the song you should know what I mean by that. But the beat despite being almost perfect is nothing in comparison to the vocals, a soft gentle voice taking you through the problems many people face on a daily basis, racism, drug use and so much more. Like POND3RR mentions though do drugs do only help “sort of” so if you or anyone around you needs any sort of support or you are worried about over use please reach out and try get some help, it’s ok to not be ok after all and we all struggle, sometimes you just need a helping hand to get back on your feet.

Many artists struggle to so effortlessly put together a song after many years of practice POND3RR has mastered it and found his own sound very early on in his career, definitely one to watch in the future. 

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