Rosellas – Damaged

Release Date – 13th February 2021

Words: Louis Upton-Wheeler

The single begins with hypnotic plucked guitar parts, drenched in effects, played by Drew Selby and Euan Mail that remind me of the iconic 80s guitarist, Johnny Marr from The Smiths. The blend of their articulated guitar tones and Luis Sullivan’s filling parts on keys has created a more progressive and developed sound better suited to a current listeners ear however, it still retains all the historic nuances we expect from another charming group from Manchester.

The crisp drums played by Mark Zanker and rolling bass line laid down by Ollie Appleyy, ground the tune amongst all the high flying guitar melodies and as lead singer Drew sings “And she can try to think of the good times” the song hits a foot tapping groove. Drews vocals in this song have a great sense of emotion, especially with the higher melody in the chorus, and to me sound heavily influenced by the nifty vocal melodies written by Noel Gallagher.

The bonus tracks that come with the single are more solem and reflective than the lead single. The echoing and reverberating guitar effects continue to lead each song forward, with some interesting reverse guitar melodies and distorted solos in tune ‘The Edge’ and some classic Andy Summers style guitar playing in the song ‘Inside’.

Despite the obvious Brit-pop and hometown band influences, this latest single from Rosellas with its bonus tracks seems to have lots of 80s influences in the guitars and underlying synth parts. The band are clearly improving their sound constantly while also keeping an eye on new emerging trends in current music.

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