Stay Voiceless – ‘Lies To Tell Your Children’

Published on 28 August 2020

Newport based indie rock band Stay Voiceless, have just released their debut album ‘Lies To Tell Your Children’, made of equal parts sugar and bile.

Stay Voiceless are a band that are the underdogs of the indie rock scene. However, this debut album from the Welsh band has not been a disappointment. This is an album that is assured to get people talking more about this band and an opportunity for their fanbase to grow.

It contains ten powerful songs that are heavily guitar-driven. The songs send an intensifying message about the truths of broken Britain within today’s society and in true Stay Voiceless style is curated by their signature working class honesty.

It features the highly anticipated single ‘Where’s Our Revolution Summer?’ which was featured on a playlist by Amazon Radio and backed by BBC Introducing in Wales. It also features the fan favourite single ‘I Am A Weight’. They are both slightly more easy-on-the-ears than the rest of the album and have catchy lyrics about working class life that find them relatable with lyrics such as ‘We all get bored’.

‘They Don’t Make Prisons Like They Used To’ is my personal favourite. I love the sounds of the guitar in this song and find the lyrics to be very powerful, yet catchy. This song is the first one to feature on the album and I believe that it starts the working class theme of the album off to a good start.

‘We’re not lovers’ and ‘Comfortable’ are two songs that feature on the album that explore relationships, whilst one is about being just friends and not lovers with someone, it explores never feeling so comfortable with someone before. These songs will be relatable for a lot of people and both have a catchy beat.

Throughout this album, Stay Voiceless demonstrate that they aren’t afraid to talk about issues that could be potentially controversial such as the prison system. This allows them to come across as a band that wants to be heard and for people to listen to the lyrics whilst listening to the album.

‘Lies To Tell To Your Children’ is an album that deserves recognition and lives up my expectations from this band. It shows the talent that they have and is only the first album of many to come in the future. The recording theme of broken Britain and working class life is very relatable for a lot of people and will, therefore, resonate with a larger audience. I believe that this band will gain a larger following due to this album and is an album I recommend anyone to give a listen.

Words by Ki

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