Tugboat Captain – ‘Rut’

Published on 16 October 2020

Today we’re bringing you the debut studio album from indie-pop quartet Tugboat Captain.

“One of the UK-scene’s best kept secrets” – For The Rabbits

‘Rut’ has been described as the bands’ ‘coming of age’ album, recorded at the famous Abbey Road studio; featuring a variety of the band’s friends and other collaborators across the board.

Lead single ‘No Plans (For this year)’ could not have been more appropriately picked with it mirroring feelings of uncertainty felt across the nation throughout 2020. In the words of the band… “no, it’s not a lockdown song, we wrote it 18 months ago”. Running parallel to this on the album are tracks such as ‘Check ur Health’ and ‘Day to Day’ which also reflect real life experiences and events. With lyrics such as “I am resigned to never own my home” and “everyone asks, have you got a plan, but I don’t know myself”. Tugboat Captain seem to encapsulate the harsh reality and struggles particularly of the younger generation through not only their words but their overall sound.

‘Rut’ incorporates an excellent contrast of up-beat, happy tunes alongside some more laid-back, lazy sounding ones. ‘If Tomorrow’s Like Today’, ‘C’mon! Haribo?’ and ‘Everything About You’ are some of the more fast-paced tunes; bringing a cheerier element to the album. Hidden throughout many of their tunes are the familiar dry-witted lyrics (one of the bands trademarks) which make reference to romance failure, particularly highlighted with the line “It’s clear that she’s moved on and you’re still eating sweets for lunch”.

This record is an absolute belter of a debut album and completely captures the overall sound of Tugboat Captain.  While there are some elements to this album which make you feel like you’re back in the Beatles’ era; one thing Tugboat Captain has got down to a tee is bringing to the table a modern edge alongside this.

I have mentioned here just a snippet of the tracks included on the bands’ debut, but there are plenty more for you to sink your ears into. The album is out now, released with Glaswegian label Double A Side Records.

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