Jamie Pollock – In Away (From the Life)

Release Date – 22nd February 2021

Words: Kim Holder

‘In Away (From the Life)’ is the new release from Jamie. It is a song that has folk elements to it and is about the feeling of getting away or avoiding life; this could be from feeling numb and therefore feeling detached from reality. This is something that could be very relatable for people during the current pandemic.

 “Feeling comfortably numb like you’re in a dream” is a lyric from this song. This signifies someone feeling numb from any feelings and a detachment from reality, as if they aren’t aware of what’s happening around them and like it’s not happening in real life but more a dream. This could be relatable for people during the current pandemic, As people aren’t going about their daily lives currently, therefore making their lives feel more like a dream and that this isn’t real life. I think that the song will be relatable for people during this time and is a song that could be comforting to people, as they won’t feel like they are alone in their behaviour. I like the folk sound of the song and Jamie’s vocals are great. This song is a great listen and is very catchy.

Overall, I recommend this track to anyone, but especially if you are a fan of psychedelic songs from the ’90s and folk music. I believe that this track will give Jamie a larger following, as it changes up his traditional acoustic sound and adds to his solo career which is already flourishing.

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