Perry Manning – Vinegar and Veins

Release Date – 1st March 2021

Words: Kim Holder

‘Vinegar and Veins’ is a new release from Perry, providing a fresh new take from his last single ‘All Away’. It is a song that very heavily guitar-driven and explores the topic of mental health struggles and the feelings that come after a breakup. This song is full of emotion and I believe that it’ll make this song very relatable for people.

 “Trying to reevaluate my psycho, psychotic brain” is a lyric from this song. This signifies talking about having to take a step back from a situation and having to reevaluate the situation and how to best approach it. This could otherwise cause issues for someone’s mental health and could cause a “psychotic brain”. This could be very relatable for people during the current climate of the pandemic, as it’s very easy to get stuck in your thoughts.

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