Audiokicks – Grow

Release Date – 9th March 2021

Words: Kim Holder

The band is made up of Iain as the frontman and Gavin, Mathilde and Poür. Their songs are rock filled with guitar, drums and bass sounds, Which always sound amazing. They have played many gigs throughout the years and have had some well-received releases.

‘Grow’ is a new release from Audiokicks. It is a track that is dedicated to the front man Iain’s two children. It also carries themes of personal growth, which is a very relevant topic in today’s current climate during the pandemic. It is a pop song featuring pulsing drum and bass, catchy guitar hooks and an engaging melody.

“You will grow” is a lyric which reiterates the personal growth which occurs within people over time. This can often be the feeling of becoming the best version of ourselves or learning from past mistakes and growing from them. This would be a very relatable topic during the pandemic, as lockdowns have given us a lot of time to reflect upon ourselves and to grow from our past experiences.

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