Bands Which Time Left Behind

I’d like to travel back in time to 2006,  we have new albums from Razorlight and The Killers, Arctic Monkeys have instantly made a name for themselves with their debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, My Chemical Romance are cementing themselves in the rock/punk world with ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and Nickelback are making waves with the worst song ever written, ‘Rockstar’. Fast forward 15 years, and the music scene is a massively changed environment with the emergence of social media being almost as important as the music itself! So in this time, which bands have been left behind?

Coming back to 2021 briefly, The Killers have headlined the most recent Glastonbury, Arctic Monkeys are the biggest British export of the past 10 years and My Chemical Romance have broken up and then announce their comeback (unfortunately postponed due to COVID) but what about all the others?

Well, according to our sources, the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Razorlight are some of the worst live bands about. Razorlight sound nothing like they do on the album and seeing the Kaiser Chiefs these days is more of a pantomime than a concert. Considering these where some of the biggest bands about then, it shows just how much the musical landscape has changed.

When speaking to Jamie Pollock on a recent podcast, we discussed the longevity of bands, singling out the likes of Blossoms and Catfish and the Bottlemen, who we believe are very similar to the likes of Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs. Not in terms of ability and musical prowess, but in terms of the longevity they will have. At the moment, these bands are fitting in with the musical trend of indie/synth pop growth but when this trend is over, will they continue to produce so called ‘bangers’.

Bands these days are more concerned about writing a ‘hit’ and releasing singles rather than going through the whole process of telling a story throughout an album. When Arctic Monkeys released their debut album is was a breath of fresh air and almost changed the game. With their most recent album, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’, they released no singles at all. I believe this is one of the reasons the album wasn’t immediately met with the critical acclaim it deserves, as it told a story rather than being a collection of singles. 

I suppose single’s have always been a huge part of music, but looking back to the great albums of 2006 they were very much a whole album of great songs, where-as in the modern day to many albums are 3-4 singles and album filler. Whether this is down to labels, the bands themselves of it is just a sign of the times, it remains to be seen. 

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