brad – Tranquil in Turmoil EP

Today we’re bringing you the debut EP ‘Tranquil in Turmoil’ from Birmingham based artist and producer, Brad. With all of his material being based upon original ideas formed in his Bedroom studio, this EP particularly draws on personal experiences and everyday problems, which are reflected not only in his lyrics but also the general tone of the music.

Brad worked on this project throughout lockdown, with some of the tracks being formed from his University dissertation. On his Soundcloud, Brad wrote “After finishing uni, my original plan was to gig as much as possible with the material I’d been working on, but seeing as that went out the window I’ve had time to dive into this project and finally release an EP”. The final piece consists of 6 tracks: ‘Let you go, Over and over again’, ‘Lock me down’, ‘Too Late’ and ‘Drown’.

‘Let you go’ opens the EP with a bang. As the heaviest sounding track on the EP, it’s filled with rolling guitars and heavy percussion which complement Brad’s raspy vocals also. ‘Lock me down’ and ‘Over and over again’ follow on from the opener, continuing the upbeat vibes
before the EP slows down. My favourite track from the EP is track 4 ‘Too late’, a mellow sounding track which talks about a girl leaving him for somebody else. The track (which was released previously as a single) includes lyrics such as “now it’s too late to change her mind” and “you know you really messed it up this time”; a situation many individuals will have experienced and be able to relate to.

This EP really captures the day-to-day experiences of so many, which is part of what makes it so appealing. The contrast between the more upbeat tunes to the ones which slow the album down make for an album perfect to have on in any situation, whether it be a cold winter evening indoors, or sitting round your tent at a festival waiting for the day to begin.

Words by: Emily Pugh

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