Candid – Through All The Fighting

Release Date – 16th April 2021

Words: Kim Holder

“Through All The Fighting” is a new release from Candid. It is a track that talks about mental health. It is about the struggles that many of us face when it comes to our mental health and is an emotional track that is sure to be relatable due to the current pandemic we are facing and how isolated that has made many people.

This is reinforced with the lyric “I’ve got time if you wanna talk, free your mind and open up”. This suggests the need for people to open up and talk to people about their mental health struggles. This can help us feel better when dealing with these situations and this makes it a very relatable track. Due to the global pandemic, it is a track that is more relevant than ever.

I think that this track is a true indie-rock song that is very catchy and has amazing vocals. The vocals and the guitar sounds used are a joy to listen to and I could imagine myself listening to this track on a late-night drive. It is definitely one that I’ll be adding to my playlist.

Overall, I highly recommend this track for anyone a fan of bands such as Oasis or just indie-rock in general. I believe that this track will gain the band a larger following and that is something that they well and truly deserve. So go and give this track a listen.

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