Cucamaras – Death of the Social

Release Date – 16th April 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

Consisting of Josh Hart, Olly Bowley, Dan McGarth, and Joe Newton; the band describe the track as ‘the heaviest sounding track we’ve ever written’. ‘Death of the Social’ is an explosive mixture of dirty riffs and clashing percussion, their first release of 2021 sets it off with a bang. Lyrics such as ‘where did all the hate come from? For your son’s and daughters’ and ‘we’re walking through the halls but we’re barely talking’ focus on a divide in society. Lyrics I took to mean a lack of recognition for the struggles many in society face at the hands of others, feelings I’m sure many can resonate with.

Inspired by the works of sociologist Jean Baudrillard, it’s fitting that the lads wrote the song whilst gigging in Paris, after a hungover debate between Hart and Bowley. While it may have been written across the Channel, they went on to record and mix the track at their hometown studio Rainy Daze Recordings.

The band have already hailed praise from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music, TALK Radio and Clash Magazine; also headlining major sold out shows in Sheffield and Nottingham. Now lockdown is easing, and gigs are hopefully looking to come back, the bands next headline show takes place this October at Bodega in Nottingham. After this release, I’m sure the praise won’t stop coming, and will be waiting with anticipation for the next release.

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