Daze – Yourself

Release Date – 5th March 2021

Words: Tom Farmer

It is fair to say some people have been more productive than others in the last year. Whilst some of us are celebrating eating a whole packet of Hobnobs in one sitting and watching sitcom re-runs, Oxford indie pop band Daze have been much more productive.

After releasing an EP, raising over £200 for mental health charity Mind in the process, the two-piece are back with their new single ‘Yourself’. Meeting in 2017 when studying at college together, Daze draw on archetypal millennial music such as Blossoms, Clairo and Girl in Red to produce polished and professional-sounding tracks from the comfort of their bedrooms. After the release of two EPs and a consistently impressive plethora of singles, Daze clearly have found the formula for attractive and very listenable bedroom pop.
The new single “Yourself” is certainly more-of-the-same in terms of quality. As many Gen-Z teens would tell you, the key to a good indie pop track is production. With a neat drum beat, crisp vocals and lots of aesthetic guitar riffs floating around, the track almost sounds too good to be produced in a bedroom. Whilst there is clear musicianship, the lyrics are heartfelt and moving. The repeated line “you’ve got to think of yourself darling” reverberates beautifully throughout the single, adding a sense of gentle charm.
With outstanding musicianship, heartfelt lyrics and charmingly honest vocals, Daze’s new single ‘Yourself’ will slot in seamlessly to any indie pop playlist around.

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