Hippy – Vicious Circle

Release Date – 26th March 2021

Words: Kim Holder

Hippy are a two-piece Acoustic guitar rock band from Glasgow. The band is made up of Paul ‘Hippy’ Hipson as a singer/songwriter and Hugh Frizell on the guitar. Their songs are filled with meaning and are very acoustic guitar driven. They have released an album earlier this year that was well received and have now come back with a fantastic new single ‘Vicious Circle’.

‘Vicious Circle’ is the new release from Hippy! It is a song which explains and tells us about the vicious circles that we can get ourselves into throughout life. These situations are usually within relationships and the only way to break the circle is to remove ourselves from the situation, which is the topic of discussion that this song touches upon. It is a highly acoustic guitar driven track that is catchy, engaging and ultimately very very enjoyable to listen to. 

“Because when you get what you want, you don’t want what you get” are lyrics from the song, reiterating the feeling of being in a vicious cycle of wanting something, but then as soon as you get what you wanted, you then don’t even want it anymore. This can be a common situation for people to be in and I think that it makes the song heavily relatable. I’m sure we have all been in this situation, with it working the other way also of when you lose something, such as a partner, it seems you want them more than ever. 

I think that this track is very catchy. It’s a great guitar-driven track and I really like that the song has some meaning behind it. I really enjoy the sound of Paul’s vocals and Hugh playing the guitar is a joy to listen to.

Overall, I recommend this track to anyone that loves a bit of acoustic guitar rock, as this will be the perfect track for you. I believe that this will be another well received release for Hippy.

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