In Earnest – In Earnest EP

I never thought an album could sway my beliefs but today, a day I’ve enjoyed in self isolation, an aptly named band predicted the future in knowing I would be back to listen again ‘In Earnest.’

‘In Earnest’ is the self-titled EP of the talented trio. The EP as a whole is a carefully crafted journey intending to pluck away at those pesky heart strings with its core message and theme throughout, mental health.

With mellow instrumentals and soft vocals cut through perfectly from one another, honestly I could go on forever mentioning them but the easiest way I could coherently deceive it would be ying and yang. The soft male vocals from front man Thomas fit perfectly with the message of the album as many of us have used softer voices when we’ve felt like it shouldn’t be heard, I myself tend to have a habit of not speaking wholeheartedly as to hide my true feelings. This is cut through and often replaced by a vessel of hope in the front woman Sarah.

I would now like to mention the instrumentals on this piece! The truly astonishing guitar sets the mood throughout! This guitar actually reminds me of another little gem called ‘Cave Town’. These note perfect chords come to you throughout the story at wavering speeds; briefly giving you a chance to allow your heart and ears to race and relax at the same time as the story escalates and are brought to you by the third member of this trio, the talented Toby.

The last thing I want to talk about from this EP is the story. It is one many of us have been in: a depressed person is getting overwhelmed by life and it’s hardships so calls a friend to apologise and say goodbye, the friend then proceeds to do their best to help the one in need. This situation really did capture the emotions intended as I felt every second of the story from start to end, having been on both sides of that phone call for various reasons before. However, the real beauty of this story is how it allows both vocalists equal, independent time on the album which is rather unusual in my experience and allows both amazing voices to show off, truly showcasing what the vocal box can do.

Overall nothing can be said other than, WOW! An intricate piece full of emotion, reality and above all else, talent. 

Words by: Sam Cooke

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