Jack Cattell – Locked Away (The Orchestral EP)

Jack Cattell is back on the scene with his newest EP ‘Locked Away’. The quartet from Walsall came onto the scene with their energetic approach to indie music, with their playful riffs and bouncy blues sound. However, this time around they’ve changed up their style.

The stripped back approach to this EP offers something completely different to what Jack and co have offered previously; and it’s unbelievably refreshing. Jack’s vocals take centre stage and his powerful voice is utterly revitalising. ‘Bigger Bottles’ is the first track and is a somber one. It tackles with the struggles of negatives in people and relationships, as well as trying to overcoming heartbreak.

Backed by a combination of strings and piano, something that stays consistent throughout the EP, it is the driving force that sets the heavy emotional tone of the record. ‘Just Another Love Song’ is far from being just another cheesy love song. Laced with heartfelt lyricism it’s an honest confession of love, from the ups, to the downs. “If i moan it’s ‘cause I care/ and if you need me I’ll be there”. Each song is as beautifully written as the last.

This is definitely a must listen for anyone looking for a talented up and coming band. If they’re not on your radio yet, they will be after this one!

Words by: Ben Mills

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