Jonny Ash – Blurry Vision EP

Wrexham band Jonny Ash released their debut EP entitled ‘Blurry Vision’, including four songs: The faster and more upbeat ‘MDMA’ and the heartfelt, uplifting and quite frankly extremely impressive ‘Brother’, as well as the two previously released singles; ‘Rosies’ and ‘Eclipse’, the latter of which contains the lyrics which provide the eponym of the EP.

The band has already been compared to the likes of Oasis and The Verve, and a review of the tune ‘Brother’ would be incomplete without mentioning the evocation thereof. As the song progresses, in line with the general narrative, the music becomes more and more inspiring, a difficult yet extremely impactful effect when done correctly, and I reckon they’ve got it spot on. When listening to ‘Brother’, in full, through loud headphones or a speaker, it is genuinely challenging to not get goosebumps come the end of the tune. The slightly more abstract lyrical imagery adds to this effect, ultimately allowing for great listening.

When the band came on our podcast (listen if you haven’t already, you know you want to, link below), they mentioned that with their EP, they wanted to create and develop a unique sound that evokes traditional aspects of rock that may have been lost in the music scene as of late. It is undeniable that ‘MDMA’ does exactly that. The song signifies a change of sorts from the band, as the singles released preceding this are (and this is by no means a criticism) somewhat slower than this fast-paced, heavy, catchy tune. It is impossible for me to listen to it and not miss going to gigs, a pain which im sure is shared by all our readers and/or listeners at the minute! It’s one of them which on your first time listening, you’ll catch yourself toe stepping or head bopping without even meaning to. Hearing the product lead guitarist Pete’s imagination over the catchy rhythm of all the tunes, particularly but by no means limited to MDMA is breathtaking. 

All in all, I think this debut EP is emphatic and outstanding, leaving nothing but excitement as to what the Wrexham band has to offer next. If you haven’t listened yet, make sure you do as soon as you get the chance. Also, check out our podcast with them, included in our ‘12 pods of Christmas’ series.

Words by: Dan Gaughran

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