Phantom Booth – The Bath Sessions EP

The young Reading-based alternative rock band Phantom Booth have released a new EP ‘The Bath Sessions’.

The band is made up of Louis Upton-Wheeler (vocals/guitar/bass), Lewis Cowper (vocals, bass, guitar), Henry Morley (drums) and Olly West (guitar). They met at school playing classical music, and a few years later have found themselves with an abundant stock of music characterised by transporting guitar riffs, narrative lyrics and motion enticing rhythms inspired by the guitar-and-bass-driven music of the turn of the century.

It is an EP that features five stripped-back songs reflecting on love, nature, spirituality and science, which were written over the last 6 months. It also consists of all-acoustic songs, which gives them an indie sound.

The EP starts with the song ‘Blind Emotion’. This song is my favourite from the whole EP and is a strong starting track. The acoustics to these songs produces a rhythm that makes me feel so chilled and happy. However, if you listen to the lyrics you will notice that the song is, in fact, a song about being heartbroken with lyrics such as “It hurts inside when I close my eyes”. Which then goes on to describe only being able to see that person whenever they close their eyes, which would cause them upset. This is a song that I feel as though anyone that is going through a break-up could relate to.

The chilled out acoustic vibes continue throughout the EP with tracks such as ‘The Travellers’, ‘Who’s Hold Responsible?’ And ‘Peace and Quiet’. These tracks reflect on nature, spirituality and science. The first two are slower songs whereas the third is slightly more upbeat. These are memorable songs and I like that the topics of them defer from mainstream topics. 

The EP finished with the track ‘I’m Tired and I Want To Go Home’. This is a nice track to finish the EP with, it’s a slower song which relatable lyrics such as “I’m so tired and I want to go home”, which I’m sure is how we’ve all felt at some point whilst being out of the house. I also love the use of the drums in this track, as I feel as though it gives it a more chilled out vibe.

I love this acoustic EP and highly recommend to anyone who is an alternative rock fan to give it a listen. I believe that this release will bring the band higher recognition and will attract the attention of fans, which would be well deserved after the hard work this band has been putting in.

Words by: Kim Holder

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