Rhys Byrne – My World

Release Date – 4th March 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

Every guitar string and vocal sets up possibly one of the most amazing feelings a human can possess, butterflies in the stomach. Now I think it’s only fair we talk about the guitar strings. It’s nothing short of astonishing, using a technique many have used before and the masses will use forever more Rhys sets up a beautifully simple rhythm which, when played with the ability and carefulness of the ones in this track, can cause a flurry of emotion both positive and dark for the listener to experience. Truly a talent in itself. 

But like many other rising stars around him, Rhys has much more than talented hands at his disposal, the way he can deliver and hold a note at precisely the right moments show us all that he is not only a rising star but one of the brightest going, delicate and subtle changes to voice show the passion dedication and overall grit to record a song at this level so early in his career. Not a shabby feat at the pinnacle of an artists career with the entire world and resources at there disposal never mind the north of Wales. 

Honestly this is staggering, I’ve just checked Spotify to see his analytics, nothing too serious I just wanted to see how much recognition his talent was getting and I was shocked. 26 monthly listeners, 26! That’s less than an average of one a day and it isn’t right for such a voice to go unheard. So let’s start something right here together. Let’s start actually introducing the world to these amazing artists, let’s show the gems we find to everyone around us. With normal life expected to return to us in the UK in June let’s all get ready, listen to some good tunes tell our friends and possibly further someone’s career. A lot of artists are going unrecognised right now as they have no venue to play but I disagree, every bedroom, car seat, park bench and anywhere else you might be is a venue. Let people like Rhys play through your stereos, just for now, just until you can hear this voice in person and can only realise you’re crying 10 minutes after the concerts finished and you and your friends and huddled together outside trying to figure out what’s next. We’ve waited long enough for life to resume but we haven’t truly lived it this past year or so, people like Rhys are still breaking boundaries and doing things that are truly amazing every single day and all we have to do is make sure they know we appreciate the effort it takes to get up and create something special during these times. Add Rhys Byrne to your list of up and coming mega stars, trust me it’s the right idea. 

Lastly I just want to say this, Rhys and everyone else I’ve had the privilege to write about on this adventure so far, thank you! Thank you for not giving up on music when the government did, thank you for not stopping for a second lockdown, thank you for bringing joy sorrow and everything in between to people like me every single day.

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