The Rah’s – She’s Not

Release Date – 2nd March 2021

Words: Ben Mills

The song tackles a materialistic relationship head on, where ‘She’s Not’ in it for love, only materialistic gains, which in this day in age seems to be the parameters for a lot of relationships you see.

“You are feeding/ this ever cheating demon/ the rolled up notes maybe the main reason/ you taking me for a fool?” The lyrics scream gold digger making it painstakingly obvious that “she’s not that fond of you”. I really love the heaviness of the track, taking the grittiness of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, and the swaggering rock of the Black Keys and blending it into their own powerful rock sound.

Backed by crashing drums and brash guitar riffs, the frontman Jack McLeod’s voice perfectly fits the sound. Once Covid-19 has been put behind us, The Rah’s will be one of the must see bands on the touring circuit. Their energetic rock music will have even the most reserved gig-goer bouncing to their bangers. Keep an eye on these guys!

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