Wolf Alice – Smile

Release Date – 20th April 2021

Words: Kim Holder

“Smile” is a new release from Wolf Alice. It is a track that is a song about being
comfortable in your own skin no matter what anyone else has to say. It is a dig at people
who always have something to say about how a woman dress’s, acts, feels and speaks.
This is a very relevant topic for right now and would be relatable with a lot of people.
“I am what I am and I’m good at it” are lyrics from the song. These lyrics reiterate the no
care attitude and just being comfortable in your own skin no matter what anyone has to
say about it. This could be a very relatable topic for people, as many people often care too
much about what other people think or say about them, however this song is here to
challenge that and to not care what they think and to just be you.

This track is really catchy and I love that they have gone back to their roots with this one. It
features the a harsh bassline with aggressive guitar solos, which is what I love from their
older songs. It’s definitely a track that has been added to my playlist.
Overall, I highly recommend this track to any one that’s a fan of the band or songs with
harsh baselines and guitar solos. I believe that this will be another well received song of
theirs and will be a great addition to their up and coming album Blue Weekend. So go and
give this track a listen now.

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