Jaws – Untitled

Release Date – 14th May 2021

Words – Kim Holder

Jaws are one of my all-time favourite bands and I have had the privilege of watching them live before the COVID world took control. They are becoming more established as time goes on and their last album ‘The Ceiling’ from 2019 went down very well with fans.

‘Untitled’ is the new release from Jaws. It is a track that was recorded during the making of their last album ‘The Ceiling’, however, it has only just been released (thankfully).

As a celebration of the release of their photo book from their last tour, they have decided to release the track. It is a song that’s similar to Jaw’s earlier discography and Connor has said is a tribute to that. It is about the difficulties in love and wanting someone to know how they feel about them. Which is always something that will be relatable to people.

As an avid fan of the band, I love that they have made a tribute to their earlier sound and gone back to their roots with this one. The track is really catchy and Connors vocals are always a joy to listen too. As always, this song was added straight to my playlist.

Overall, this track is another hit to add to Jaws’ discography and one that I think will go down well with fans, especially ones that have been around since the beginning. I highly recommend this track to anyone that’s a fan of indie-rock such as The Night Cafe, Sundara Karma, etc. So go and give this great track a listen now!

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