14 Years of ‘Wait For Me’ and it’s Still Rocking!

Release Date – 28th May 2007

Words: Dan Smith

When I was 9 years old, me and my old fella had a Sunday ritual. We would watch MTV rocks top 20 at 6pm as they count down the best tunes of the month. Over that time I became aware of some great bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Gorillaz and so many more.

Back then music videos were just as important as the song, you could even argue more important with some videos taking bands to new levels – take ‘The Bad Touch’ by The Bloodhound Gand.

But one band that had both the tunes and the videos, was The Pigeon Detectives. I remember watching the video to ‘I Found Out’ over and over again. I begged my Dad to buy me the album on CD and one day I got home from soon and there it was

To this day I still own that CD, it’s worn, it’s scratched, but it’s still a fantastic record. An argument can be made over which track is the best (‘Stop and Go’ for me) but that’s what makes it so great! There isn’t a bad tune on there!

Unfortunately I haven’t seen the Leeds locals live as of yet, but with a tour booked for later this year it is definitely on the agenda!

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