Kasabian Announce Tour Without Tom Meighan

Words: Dan Smith

Last year when the news broke regarding Tom Meighan leaving Kasabian due to personal issues, we were all devastated and rightly so. One of the biggest bands in the UK, one of the best live bands in the UK seemed over.

If, like me, you had the privilege of seeing the Leicester locals live, you’ll know just how good they are… they blew the roof off every, single, time.

But, as I write this article at 10:15am on Friday 28th May 2021, I can’t help but feel such a vast amount of disappointment regarding this announcement. Kasabian without Tom, albeit on his own accord, isn’t Kasabian.

You can’t tell me that Serge is going to pull off ‘Fire’, ‘Stevie’ and ‘L.S.F’ at even half as well, it just isn’t going to happen.

So, although ‘Kasabian’ are touring, you won’t be getting the full experience that’s for sure, and ultimately I am ashamed that it is even going ahead considering how the band were all supposed to be ‘best mates’. Especially considering Serge has done his own solo music in the past, this seems like a desperate attempt of money making.

I am not suggesting that Tom should be back on tour with them, I firmly believe the band should have been wrapped up.

Hear Harry’s thoughts here.

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