HUNYBEES release first track from their forthcoming EP: ‘I Keep Falling in Love’

Release Date – 28th May 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

Hertfordshire duo HUNYBEES are set to have listeners hooked with their latest “electrifying indie-rock” track, ‘I Keep Falling in Love’.

Made up of Charlie Preston (vocals) and Louis Bailey (drums), this release comes as the first track from their upcoming debut EP; set to be out on June 18th.

The track captivates you from the first 10 seconds, with an uplifting beat combined with deep vocals which work to create a vibrant, summery aura. I for one was hooked from my very first listen, and I’m sure I’ll not be alone in this. 

HUNYBEES are a band I’m certain could make anybody fall in love with the indie-rock genre, taking influence from the likes of The Strokes and The Magic Gang; yet it is very much their own ideas which makes the track stand out.

The track title ‘I Keep Falling in Love’ does what it says on the tin… so to speak. Vocalist Charlie Preston stated the song’s about the “innate desire for love and to be loved”. Lyrics such as ‘Drinking wine from plastic cups, I’m pretending that I’m not in love’ and ‘I keep falling in love, even though I know how it ends’ only solidify this meaning.

The duo’s forthcoming EP ‘Filth’ is set for release next month, with Preston and Bailey “using their personalities and humour” to create tracks that modern-day young people can relate to. They’ve certainly set the scene with this first track release.

You can listen to ‘I Keep Falling in Love’ below, and keep your eyes peeled for the full EP.

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