Happy Birthday Kelly Jones – Stereophonics Frontman Turns 47 Today

Words: Dan Smith

Seeing as though it is the Welshman’s Birthday, today I’ve decided to look back at what I and many others consider to be one of the best debut albums of all time – I am of course talking about ‘Word Gets Around’.

There seems to be a recurring themes in my writing and it’s that a lot of my favourite music is from when I was growing up, as a young lad listening to tunes with my Dad. For me, I have incredibly fond memories of ‘Word Gets Around’. It was a family holiday down to Cornwall, exciting I know, and one of the CD’s we took was the Stereophonics album. I can’t say how many times we listened to that over the course of the fortnight, but it was enough to instill a deep memory in my brain.

For me, there isn’t one bad track on the album. You could argue it is actually Stereophonics finest work, which is crazy to think considering it is 24 years old. But from ‘A Thousand Trees’ to ‘Billy Davey’s Daughter’ with ‘Traffic’, ‘Local Boy in the Photograph’ and ‘Not Up To You’ making up just some of the big names on the album, it really is perfect.

Each song complimented perfectly by the last, and the next – I can’t express how many times I have listened to this album all the way through but my god, it is good! It not only shows the versatility in vocals Kelly has to offer, but also the unmatched lyrical genius of the man.

Happy Birthday Kelly Jones!

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