Happy Birthday Mr. West

Words: Sam Cooke

For those of you who don’t know I’ve actually already written a piece about Kanye for Talk Tonight before, but today we don’t have to focus on a song, or an album, rather, the man. And what a man we are talking about, oh my lord!

Not many people can claim the same level of success. From his rap career alone he stands among the greats, albums like ‘Graduation’, ‘808s and Heartbreak’, ‘The Life of Pablo’ are phenomenal, along with continuous unbelievable streaming figures from fans and non fans alike. Or do we judge on other endeavours, with a sometimes alarmingly naïveté to his business deals Mr West has built quite the portfolio for himself. It’s a breath of fresh air for me personally to see someone who openly admits to having mental health issues take such amazing strides year after year, an immovable belief that he is doing the right thing and it will work out for him is the stuff you need if you ever want to be a business owner. But this is appreciation for his music so let’s stick to that.

A unique style and his unbelievable self affirmation has landed Kanye where he is, a legend on the scene. I’d go through the accolades, the awards, but we don’t have the time.

Happy birthday Kanye from a fan who’s life you have truly improved with your music, cheers pal

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