The sky is the limit for George Rowlands with his new single ‘Golden’ sure to bring in the masses

Release Date – 4th June 2021

Words: Kim Holder

George Rowlands is a singer-songwriter from Shrewsbury. His songs are from the rock/indie-rock genre and he started his musical journey at the early age of 12. He has gained a large following on YouTube, where he posts covers and original songs which have grabbed peoples attention, leading to the release of his debut EP.

“Golden” is the latest release from George, a track that I feel is heavily influenced by Oasis’ sound and is about looking back on simpler times. George explores the idea of looking back at happier times, almost referring to a ‘Golden’ era.

“Gone in a flash oh where did they go” are lyrics from this song. This refers to those happier times going by so quickly, which usually happens when you’re having more fun. This will be a relatable track for a lot of people, whether that be looking back at a relationship, friendship, university, etc.

‘Golden’ is really catchy and is definitely one that I will be adding to my playlist. It makes me look back on my happier times whilst at university which makes it relatable for me. It has a great tune that is sure to get stuck in your head after the first listen.

I highly recommend everyone to listen to this track but especially if you’re a fan of Oasis. It’s definitely a track that’ll gain George a larger following and is very catchy. So go and give this track a listen now!

Words: Lisa Adams

Listening to ‘Golden’ for the first time, my immediate reaction was; ‘Is this Liam Gallagher?’ The uncanny resemblance to Oasis’ Liam Gallagher should come as no shock, as George has played ‘The Liam’ in two of the biggest Oasis tribute bands in the world, Noasis and Oas-is.

Despite being newly released, ‘Golden’ brings me nostalgia and comfort, the confident guitar playing and cleverly composed lyrics, is a great exhibition of George’s talent as a guitarist, singer and song-writer. The retrospective lyrics is a tribute to all our happiest memories and self-reflections, making ‘Golden’ an enjoyable experience for all ages and a great addition to this years summer playlist. Specifically, the lyrics, ‘they were the days where we used to shine’ and ‘the girl l like walks by, l can’t look her in the eye’ is relatable to any audience who have ever felt like they’ve had better days, or have missed opportunities with love interests.

There is enough ambiguity in this song, for the audience to interpret the lyrics and meaning in whichever way they want, making it completely timeless and a something that l have no doubt will be enjoyed for years to come.

As someone who is a relatively new listener to this genre and Shrewsbury born herself, l am completely obsessed with the tranquillity of ‘Golden’ and will support George Rowlands in his future successes. Keep an eye out for George, as I’m sure he’ll be playing at venues and can only imagine is as amazing live as he is in the studio.

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