‘as long as i have you’ is a track that gets your emotions going!

Release Date – 3rd June 2020

Words: Kim Holder

Foster is a newcomer artist from Nashville. His songs are from the genre lo-fi hip-hop and have taken inspiration from artists such as Mac Miller, The Beatles and John Mayer. He has gained attention recently from going viral via TikTok and since has continued to grow as an artist.

“As long as I have you” is a new release from Foster. It is a track that gets your emotions going, it is a track about being in a teenage relationship l and at the time even Foster was hit with an emotional rollercoaster whilst writing this track. It is a song that will be relatable for many people and will have people feeling nostalgic.

“We don’t know where we’re going but I don’t care as long as I’m with you” are lyrics from this song. This refers to that feeling of being so content with someone’s presence that you don’t even care where you are or what you are doing as long as you’re with them. This is a very common feeling in teenage romances, therefore making It a relatable song for people.

I really enjoyed listening to this track. It made me feel really relaxed and I would happily listen to it on repeat. It’s heartfelt and emotional and I love the lo-fi beats used throughout the track. It is a song that I can relate back to about my first love and I feel like many other people will too. I would highly recommend everyone to give this track a listen. If you are a fan of artists like Mac Miller then this track will be right up your street and I believe that this track will enable him to gain a much larger following. So go and give this track a listen now!

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