The sound of the summer has arrived with Jack Cattell’s new single ‘LFTW’

Release Date – 18th June 2021

Words: Dan Smith

Jack Cattell’s talent is no secret to us here at Talk Tonight. One of the first artists we interviewed, we have followed his recent successes very closely and he shows no sign of slowing down with his new single ‘LFTW’.

This coming of age banger resonated with me, probably because me and Jack are of similar age. Living for the weekend, or ‘LFTW’ tells stories of how Jacks mates are settling down, getting older, wiser, but ultimately Jack is stuck in his old ways.

The lyric which stuck with me was “waking up and we’re hungover , claiming that’s it we’re going sober” is something I’m sure we’ve all done, but let’s be honest, we do it all again the next weekend!

Instrumentally, the song is beautiful. Upbeat, fast tempo’d, phenomenal guitar riffs and impeccable vocals to top it. Honestly, I’d expect nothing less from the Walsall based band.

‘LFTW’ is my sound of the summer, and should be yours also! Make sure you get on it!

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