Hurtsfall prove they have ‘The Power’

Release Date – 4th June 2021

Words: Chloe Hepburn

Hurtsfall are a rock band based in Nottingham who have just dropped their latest single, ‘The Power’, in perfect time for summer and the beloved rock festival season! 

Punchy bass lines, interesting time signatures, underlying synth elements and a vocal that sure packs a powerful punch. Hurtsfall’s ‘The Power’ contains all the correct ingredients required for a solid, modern alt-rock record. 

Just like every other great rock song, ‘The Power’ contains that very much needed “statement riff” leaving you hooked from the very start. Whilst this riff is heard consistently throughout the track, it does not feel overly repetitive or lazy. In fact, it adds the right amount of tension throughout the songs journey. A standout moment in the song is when we are met with the bridge section at 1:55. Everything drops and it’s just retro sounding synth chords, a minimalistic drum pattern and vocals that build us back up into the chorus again. The vocalist, Sam Harrison, does an outstanding job of building the tension throughout the verses, and then utilising his higher, chest range in the choruses. 

Whilst ‘The Power’ is incredibly forward thinking and current with it’s accessible riffs and hooks, it still feels somewhat nostalgic with the classic rock elements and vintage synths, allowing them to appeal to an array of different demographics and rock fans alike. 

We can’t wait to hear what else Hurtsfall has in store for us this year! Be sure to check out this band and their latest single ‘The Power’ (available on all major streaming platforms) if you haven’t already.

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