Callum Gibson has just released his stunning debut single ‘Summer’

Release Date – 25th June 2021

Words: Chloe Hepburn

Callum Gibson is a 20-year-old singer songwriter from Dundee, Scotland who has just released
his stunning debut single “Summer” and it’s available on all major listening platforms now!

‘Summer’ consists of a minimal setup of guitar, vocals and light percussion and somehow it’s
more than enough. Callum has an interesting, authentic tone to his vocal allowing him to stand
out amongst the crowd. It’s strong and powerful, but it still has that raw edge that seems to be
essential in the singer songwriter world.

The lyrics reminisce “the memories of the summer” which is something that we can all certainly
relate to at this moment in time. My favourite lyrical moment in the song has to be the opening
lines, “the birds in my ear, the wind in my face, I think that I’ve found this peaceful place”.
Callum’s clever use of natural imagery allows us to immediately escape reality for 2 minutes and
51 seconds whilst we daydream about a summer consisting of trips to the bars and the beach
with acoustic guitars. Whilst this is definitely a song worth adding to your chilled summer playlists,
I can also imagine listening to this song on a dark, cold and cosy winter night, at home in front of
the fireplace, with a hot chocolate whilst we wait for the summer to return again!

Overall, ‘Summer’ is a solid debut that showcases depths of potential from the 20-year-old
musician. We can’t wait to see the rest of Callum Gibson’s journey!

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