How are we supposed to forget the future when it will be full of bangers and anthems such as ‘Lepricon’

Release Date – 5th July 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

 Damn, is there actually a more beautifully named band out there right now? Their music isn’t too shabby either!

Now I’m not one to normally fall in love with an instrumental before the lyrics but wow, ‘Lepricon’ has this high octane energy output with a foot tapping background making even those of us with the stiffest bones want to dance around and (ironically) forget the past. I mean, just listen to the track hear the guitar and feel every note wash over you and try to tell me you don’t want to bop your head because I don’t think you could.

As with most indie anthems, the theme is less than pleasant, the story taking us through a rough situation I’ve fortunately not experienced. Pre determined heartbreak, the awful reality of having to live your life with a partner knowing that it isn’t destined to last no matter what. This is underlined beautiful by the voice of Forgetting The Future’s front man Robbie Mcnicol, the lyrics forming an impressive marriage between themselves and the vocals mutually drawing from one another in a way only passion for a craft can cause. 

 Of course like every song there is a down side, personally for me this has but one flaw… it finishes too soon! This of course is due to the amazing work of the band as well as their producer on the track Ken Allardyce who if you don’t know has quite the résumé, working with artists such as Madonna and Fleetwood Mac. 

There’s a lot to forget about this world but ‘Lepricon’ shouldn’t be one of them, and neither should the name Forgetting The Future. So grab your telescope, find a nice field and get comfy, because a star is rising.

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