Looking Back at New Order’s Biggest Single of 1993 ‘Regret’

Release Date: 5th April 1993

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh (sugarspunemily)

Featured Image: New Order – Regret (Single Artwork)

New Order are up there with some of the most influential bands to come from the Manchester music scene with numerous iconic releases including Blue Monday, World in Motion and True Faith.

There are many songs I connect with different times in my life, and memories I have held, and this week’s throwback is one of those tracks. The track ‘Regret’ from the band’s 1993 ‘Republic’ album is one I would use to soundtrack my life thus far. While it came out five years before I was born, I grew up on this track. It comes with so many memories for me, and as soon as the introduction kicks in, the feelings that come with those memories come flooding back too.

Lyrically and instrumentally, this has got to be my favourite New Order track of all time! It brings the groovy electro instrumentals we know and love New Order for, and the lyrics are ones which have stuck with me for years, and will continue to do so. The beginning talks of losing touch with people from his past, but not feeling regret for doing so. Later on going onto sing “I was a short fuse burning all the time” / “you used to be a stranger, now you are mine”. Lyrics which evoke a feeling that while he has lost these contacts previously (without regret), he has also come to meet some important people in his life too. This track was the band’s last tune to hit within the top 5 in the UK charts, and was their highest charting track in the US.

Listen to the track below!

As I noted previously, this track is one I hold a lot of love for due to the nostalgia that comes with it. Have you got any tracks like this?

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