Mad Hatter’s daughter have released a scintillating new single ‘wolves’

Release Date – 2nd July 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

 If this is wonderland I’m not afraid to be fed to the ‘Wolves’. Coming with a lasting presence and breathtaking vocals, Mad Hatter’s Daughter is a duo truly worth watching out for.

The instrumental has a pulsating energy I surprisingly would liken to Kanye West and I Am A God, bringing together strong notes; perfect for growing the fire in all our hearts and tapping our feet along. Honestly just listen to it and tell me you don’t get full with an energy, akin to being reborn in a flurry of passion and talent. Beautifully poetic, the married duo have just started their own pack with a new baby who will be joining them on tour in the UK this year, not bad for a pair with over 20 million hits and 20 weeks already to their name in the German charts.

  Honestly it’s hard to comment on the lyrics, the only word I can really fathom is WOW. The song doesn’t speak to me on a normal level, instead it cuts through the defence my heart has and resonates with my tentative view of where I belong in this world. Of course it doesn’t hurt that lead vocalist Kira has more range and talent than I personally think is fair, surely if you have that much you can share it right? Of course life doesn’t work like that so she uses her talent with full expression with the help of her very talented husband and audio specialist Buzz T. Isles. If you doubt his credentials I implore you to simply listen to his work, it stands under any scrutiny. 

So grab your cider, don your shorts and make the most of this tune with the sunshine.

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