Zita Marry Up Beautiful Vocals With Stunning Riffs in ‘The Wife’

Release Date – 4th June 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

With this track we are instantly greeted with shades of ‘Mississippi Queen’, this track really does remind me of the classic.

‘The Wife’ is brought to us by five piece rock and roll band Zita and comes to us straight from New Orleans. This track is not their first and surely won’t be their last but it takes them ever closer to over taking “$uicideboy$” as my personal favourite export.

 As I’ve likened it to ‘Mississippi queen’ hopefully you can all hear that trademark guitar from the song. Beautifully articulated notes stemming from true talent and rising above all others, ‘The Wife’ gives us a fine personal rendition and take on this method. Honestly, the band is ironically a breath of fresh air with their classic influences and their clear devotion to how rock was once made: not flashy, not excessive, just passionate instrumentals with a guitar solo to boot. What more do you really want? 

 Cracking vocals? We have them. Again it’s almost as if this song is taken from 1989! I can picture the scene in my mind of the band passionately drowned out by the roar of a bouncing crowd. Flashing lights and flying pints are here to accompany the spotlight beaming down on the band, flickering between the members before resting on the lead vocalist. His passionate words and impressive range silence the crowd. Honestly I wish I were there. 

Overall this track is top tier. It feels like it’s been plucked straight from Guitar Hero. It brings nostalgic joy with every repetition and note. If you haven’t checked them out do it, the band is gonna be so famous mark my words.

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