Jack Gill Releases Upbeat Banger ‘ballad of a 90’s Kid’

Release Date – 2nd July 2021

Words: Kim Holder

Jack Gill is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool. His songs are from the alternative rock genre and include guitar riffs that sound similar to such used in 90’s rock songs. He loves to take his fans back in time to when lyrics were more at the forefront of songs and when they had meaning behind them with his tracks.

“Ballad of a 90’s Kid” is a new release from Jack Gill. It is an upbeat rock n roll track that is about a man that has ended up selling his soul just for money and fame. This is a reference to popular rockstars from back in the day that did exactly that.

“Pulling all strings controlling all things” are lyrics from this song. This refers to the situation that said man has gotten himself into after giving up his authentic self for fame and money which means being controlled by record companies, which we have seen happen when past rockstars lose their authentic self and become a manufactured version of themselves that appeals more to a mass audience.

I really liked listening to this track. I think that it’s catchy and is a genre of music that I love. I love Jack’s vocals on this track and the punching bass-line was a joy to listen to. I will be adding his songs to my playlists from now on. I would highly recommend everyone to give this track a listen. It is a great upbeat song that’ll take you back to the old style of rock n roll songs. It’ll have you hooked on the first lesson and I hope Jack grows his following from this release. So go and give it a listen now!

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