Ashley Stacey Continues To Raise The Bar With ‘There’s No Telling You’

RELEASE DATE: 16th July 2021

Words: Samuel Cooke

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, what are you doing to me mate? I’d ask you to stop raising the bar but as it seems there’s no telling you. See what I did there? Nevermind.

The up and coming marvel has dropped yet another song for the ages. His delicate tones and chords leaving even the biggest of men soft at their core. His new track brings yet another level and dynamic to his writing, performing and personality.

 The soft beat and exquisite vocal tones hide a darker message behind the song. The chords intertwine themselves with your heartbeat in such a way it’s hard to think of anything else for hours after listening. Trust me, I first listened to this track a week ago and it’s been circling my mind and soul since. It’s almost unfair for other artists to try when he picks up the guitar, plucking away at our fears and dreams with alarming ease.

 But now let’s mention that bloody voice of his again, smooth as silk is the only way I can describe it. Without warning or apologies it will infect your entire day! You will not be able to stop smiling when you listen to this track. Honestly it’s rare to have a vocalist who doesn’t require headphones for an immense and intense experience like this. Each word cuts through the monotony of daily life and takes you to a plain far beyond our normal reach, it sounds a little exaggerated I know but it’s just not.

 He keeps coming to Talk Tonight being humble about his work, seemingly unaware at the talent he possesses; he will bashfully ask what we think. I’ve had the pleasure of writing about this gem of a man a few times now and honestly I’m grateful every time, he uses his music In such a way that I couldn’t possibly hope to say no when I get asked to write about him. How could I deny my heart the satisfaction of perfection?

 I’m case you haven’t noticed, I’m quite the Ashley Stacey fan. The festival mainstages are seemingly closer and closer with each passing day and every new track. It’s amazing to see such a poetically powerful man rise toward his place in the world and I can’t wait for the next one Ash, so get cracking fella!

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