Cucamaras Bring More Heavy Post-Punk Vibes With Their Latest Single ‘Safe Bet’


Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

One thing Cucamaras have polished is their talent for writing tracks which tackle contemporary issues within society, something also apparent throughout their previous release ‘Death of the Social’. Their latest release ‘Safe Bet’ is no different, bringing rhythm and rhyme with words ‘Now you’re on a comedown and you’ve cancelled your date / you kinda feel like crying cause your UberEats is late’. These are lyrics that recognise a want for making the most of your university experience while also battling with your head.

It has now been one week since the lads released this track, and it’s been on repeat ever since. Combining heavy instrumentals and emotive vocals, ‘Safe Bet’ fits perfectly into the new post-punk category. Filled to the brim with rolling percussion and driving guitars, this track is particularly suited to fans of the likes of Fontaines D.C, The Murder Capital and Shame.

Cucamaras have done it once again, bringing home a tune which shows how their sound has developed. ‘Safe Bet’ brings an infectious, fun spirit despite the powerful meaning behind it, and it looks like the future is bright for this up and coming Nottingham band.

You can listen to the track here, and make sure to keep an eye out for their future releases, you won’t want to miss them!

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