MASTERPIECE: Idle Noise Release Angelic New Single ‘All Your Love’

RELEASE DATE: 23rd July 2021

Words: Dan Smith

It doesn’t happen very often, in my experience anyway, when a new song is branded ‘angelic’ and it lives up to that expectation. However, this morning when I began to read the hype surrounding the new Idle Noise tune, I just had to listen… I was not disappointed. In-fact, I fell in love.

Idle Noise are no strangers to Talk Tonight and we have been following them for well over a year now, but even I couldn’t have predicted the pure euphoria they would be able to make me feel. We all know lead singer Brandist has a hell of a voice on him, but this is next level.

Drawing influences from the likes of Circa Waves and The Strokes, with this one throwing in shades of Viola Beach, Idle Noise are certain to be the next big thing, I’d put my house on it; of course I don’t have a house yet but nevertheless, I am that confident.

This morning I was listening to the Submarine E.P as I often do on a somber, grey rainy day and to move onto ‘All Your Love’ straight after and feel like the quality of what I’m listening too has actually increased is testament to the beauty of this song. Relaxing you to your core with rhythmic acoustic guitar and subtle riffs, the calm ballad is full of melodic backing vocals and you honestly feel the emotion behind every word.

The only down side to this song? It only lasts 2:30. Thankfully repeat exists and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing today! ‘All Your Love’, on repeat until it gets old, which it never will.

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