DMA’S Release Tantalizing 4 Track EP

RELEASE DATE: 20th August 2021

Words: Dan Smith

The Australian trio continue to deliver the goods with their new EP ‘I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You’. The four tracks: ‘1 Way’, ‘We Are Midnight’, ‘Viol’ and ‘Junk Truck Head Fuck’ see the band return to their feel good roots. Tommy himself stated “this EP had a real air of freedom to it, and I think you can hear it in the guitar and vocals”.

Difficult to disagree with those words as the EP does feature some of the best vocals in the business. Admittedly, the most recent DMA’S album ‘The Glow’ wasn’t completely for me, and I would suggest the same for a lot of the fan base. However, throwing back to the early days of DMA’S and ‘Hills End’ is apparent in the new EP in every song.

Paced perfectly, I would go as far to suggest this EP sums up DMA’S perfectly. With up-tempo, rocking tunes in ‘1 Way’, ‘We Are Midnight’ and ‘Viol’ complimented beautifully by the more somber ballad of ‘Junk Truck Head Fuck’, this really does epitomise the sound we have all grown to love from the Aussies.

A lovely summer surprise for us all as we prepare for the trio to return to the UK, which they are doing later in the year.

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