Anto Holland Unleashes His Passionate Side In ‘Head In The Cloud’

RELEASE DATE: 20th August 2021

Words: Dan Smith

For only his second official release, Anto is showing incredible promise and is an artist I have grown incredibly fond of. From his debut single ‘Lies’ you are already able to see significant growth in the lyrics and vocals, with more passion and heart going into each chord and syllable as Anto tells his story.

That story being one which is way too familiar for many of us. Anto sings from a first person point of view, as he witnesses a close friend suffering. “I saw a friend who was sad, all the time, and couldn’t do anything about it except tell him the same old things everyone does. I knew his pain which is what hurts even more”.

For fans of Richard Ashcroft and Noel Gallagher, Anto harmonises with strings and acoustic guitar as his heartfelt ballad ‘Head In The Cloud’ rings round your mind.

You can stream ‘Head In The Cloud’ below!

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