Liam Gallagher fails to show up to the MTV Unplugged Recording of Oasis in front of an intimate audience of 400, before later being seen heckling in the audience.

Ever a drama queen, Liam was hardly rehearsing with the band, going on 3 day benders and complaining his voice was shot.

The fact that only a week earlier Oasis had played to their largest audience of all time in the infamous Knebworth shows seemed to not matter to the frontman, with him eventually turning up to the MTV recording absolutely shitfaced.

It was apparent he would be unable to perform, with Noel stating he tried to sing a couple songs but was “fucking dreadful”. So the onus fell onto his older brother Noel to play the show.

He, of course, smashed it playing a 12 song set which included the likes of ‘Wonderwall’, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, ‘The Master plan’ and ‘Live Forever’.

Despite being heckled by Liam during the set, Noel played his heart out and this show is considered to be a turning point for the band, in which Noel proved he could be as good a frontman as Liam.

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