Edel Helena – No Vacancies

RELEASE DATE: 6th August

Words: Dafydd Hedd

Edel Helena’s industrial and rejuvenating energy feels plentiful as soon as the fast-moving bassline starts the song. The beginning sounds like the soundtrack of a chilled-out movie set in a city or an anthem celebrating an independent spirit. Rhythmically the song presents itself as youthful and spontaneous giving it the feel of a Royal Blood song.

The music itself is distinctively indie rock with the electric guitar riff at the beginning anticipating action filled memories. There’s a chorused piano added after the first chorus that perfectly affirms the youthfulness to the song. The production feels professional, a small amount of reverb on all instruments again adds to the indie rock vibe, notably like Alffa (a popular Welsh band) and Vertigo by O2. Despite this, it retains a home grown ‘street’ vibe. The vocals feel grungy and industrial but paired with the passion and power behind Edel’s voice creates a powerful anthem like feel and authority behind her message.

Words that come to mind are ‘You’re just a fool that gets in the way’, ‘I’m trying to be free’ and the emphatic ‘Wow’ before the chorus starts creating a fleeting idea that suffering shouldn’t be tolerated. The word ‘Vacancy’ and the idea of hotel rooms being temporary places with people that come and go raises an interesting question about the nature of relationships. Generally it crushes the idea of fragility within women and is a nod to
independent and strong willed people across the globe.

Check it out!

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