Pentire – How Would Someone Else Do It

RELEASE DATE: 3rd September 2021

Words: Sam Cooke

Take a classic tempo, add some impressive instrumental work, layer over a good helping of quality vocals and add a healthy seasoning of emotion. That’s how Pentire do it but, ‘How Would Someone Else Do It’?

 I’ll be perfectly honest it’s hard for me to write this review, every second listening to the track is sending me to a slightly higher state of euphoria. So let’s start with the obvious merit for me, the vocals. It’s hard to sum up the experience but if I had to try I’d say this; it’s a rollercoaster of emotions and vocal range taking your heart rate for a thrill seeking ride it won’t forget.

 Of course we all know impressive vocals can stand alone but to truly excel a good band has to be present, at least I am of this opinion myself. Which is why this track holds such high esteem from me after only being handed this review this afternoon my body and mind both to eager to wait for tomorrow to write this. The instruments manage to create a perfect harmony between themselves and the vocals truly sweep me off of my feet, their sound resonating within eachother causing a stir of excitement. 

 So what else is there to check off the list? Bright future? Check. Already very well put together? Check. Put a unique twist to their music? Check. Honestly the only thing I can see left is progression, onwards and upwards.

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