Lancashire lads The Empire Police bring a dreamy energy with their latest tune ‘Like They Do’

RELEASE DATE: 15th October 2021

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh

Preston quartet The Empire Police have just released their second tune of 2021, ‘Like They Do’. The band consists of Jordao Bassa (Frontman), Tom Hale (Lead Guitar), George Jacques (Bass) and Harry Smith (Drums) who have erupted back onto the northwest music scene after a long eighteen months.

‘Like They Do’ is a vibrant tune which highlights the bands tight-knit sound, continuing to impress on the back of their previous release ‘Need to Live’. ‘Like They Do’ suitably pairs frontman Bassa’s familiar, strong vocals with a dreamy sounding synth-pop instrumental. Bringing a different energy to the bands past releases, it is evident the lads are continuing to experiment with their genre, and it’s paying off.

It is clear the lads are not only experimenting with their sound but also the lyrics within, their latest releases show a different side to The Empire Police focusing more on society and the issues that come with it. ‘Like They Do’ focuses on empowerment in a society which is so heavily influenced by expectations across social media. Talking about the track Bassa said “False narratives and unrealistic expectations are ingrained into society in the modern world, and the message of the song is that we don’t have to look like they do…social media is not reality”.

The band have racked up more than sixty thousand streams on Spotify, and that number is only set to continue to grow. You can listen to the track below:

Words by Emily Robbins-Pugh

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