The Notion ‘Crusade’ is an Indie Rock Masterpiece

Release Date: 15th January 2021

Words: Dan Smith

Every now and then you discover a new band and just indulge yourself in their music, which is exactly the case for me with The Notion.

On our search for some guests for upcoming podcasts, the Manchester rockers reached out so I felt it necessary to have a listen to what was on offer, and I am so glad I did.

‘What We’re You Expecting’ is the most recent release by the band, but delving back into older releases I was most impressed by ‘Wasting Time (Acoustic Version)’ and finally ‘Crusades’.

With heavy guitars right from the off, booming drums which have infectious energy and bloody brilliant vocals from frontman Kyle McCombe, the track is 4:25 of greatness.

The four-piece breakdown the song towards the end, leaving me picturing crowds gathering round a pit just waiting for the inevitable drop, and I honestly can’t wait to be involved in this when the Mancunians hit the big time.

You can stream ‘Crusade’ below.

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